“Why don’t you write a book?” Many of us who have lived overseas often hear that question. Wikipedia reports that at least three million Americans live overseas, and millions more travel around internationally.  I don’t think the world really needs a that many more travel books!  So, strictly for my own amusement, I decided to put up this little web site and add a few stories from time to time, mainly to give me a chance to think about some the wonderful days of my life.   If others care to read some of them, I’m thrilled.  If not, at least I’m enjoying the process of organizing my thoughts.

History:  Kay and I went to Europe for 2 months in 1967, less than a year after we were married, using Frommer’s Europe on Five Dollars a Day.   (This is for room and board only, not for intercity travel or purchases.)   The round trip flight on Pan Am was $300.  When we went back for another two months in 1969 the book’s promise had inflated to Ten Dollars a Day.  We were hooked!  We went to Europe several more times on the cheap.  We learned the skills of traveling on a tight budget.

By 1980 I was doing some part time consultant work in overseas schools and that year had jobs in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Greece and Hong Kong.  In 1983 Kay, Andrew, and I moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for a one year position at the international school, and in 1986 left the University of Arkansas and took a full time job back in Riyadh.  

We stayed with international schools for 18 years, later working in Tokyo, Trinidad, and Vienna.  (This is not considered a long time by international school standards.  Many of our friends who started young have hit their 30th or 40th year, or more.)

In 2000 I gave up full time school work and started consulting with international schools, from West Africa to East Asia, and from South America to the Northern Europe, and the Middle East.  I’ve kept careful records and recently noticed that we’ve visited 81 countries and flown on 55 different strange and mostly wonderful airlines (e.g., Ethiopian, Air Namibia, Kuwait Airways, Aero Postal, Air Lanka, etc.).

So, let’s get going.   Click here for the stories.


We are happily retired in Fayetteville, AR.