Places we’ve been
Thailand, love it or leave it.  (1980-2014)
Across the Pacific on a Freighter (2000)
 The war next door (1991)
 Canal boats: tourism at 4 miles per hour (1988-2010)
 Suburban living in Japan (1992)
 Following Lewis and Clark (2004)
 Upcountry in Bangladesh  (2003) 
   Christmas Morning on the Serengeti Plain (1986)
  Trinidad:  not the Caribbean you expected (1998)
  One foot in Angola:  desert camping in Namibia  (1995)
  Up the Amazon ... with a paddle (2007)
  Incident in Mali (2008)    

Opinion and Miscellaneous Rants
Frequent flyer miles and  flying in the back of the plane
Life in a Motorhome is Not Exactly Camping (2006+)
Traveling vs. Vacations:  what’s the difference?
Airplanes and airlines
Vacation Rentals:  a cheap thrill  
The Big Decision in Cairo  (2010)
Ten things that went wrong while consulting (1980-2010)
Five Dollars a Day?  How we did it.  (1967)
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These are in no particular order.   Some of them aren’t written yet.