In 2004, the bi-centennial of the beginning of the famous Lewis and Clark trip from St Louis to the Pacific to explore the Louisiana Purchase, my brother Presley decided to follow those footsteps, at least part of the way, by air.  I accepted his invitation to ride along.  He had access to several types of small airplanes, and decided on the Cessna 172.  Presley has been a private pilot for 40 years and I always enjoy the rides, but this trip was our biggest at that time.

The planned route was from Arkansas to Missouri, along the Missouri river though Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and into North Dakota.  Then we planned to fly due west across half of Montana to  Great Falls, and return home through Wyoming and SE back to Arkansas.  Lewis and Clark continued to the Oregon coast, but we decided not to cross the Rockies.

For this story, pictures are better than words:

Air trip:  April 26-May 2, 2004
 Following Lewis and Clark

Above Left:   Sometimes in the evening we had to rent a car.  Other times, we were able to borrow the “courtesy car” from the airport.  Unloading the rental car at 6a.m. in Yankton, SD to prepare to leave on the second day. 

Above Right:  Back in Fayetteville.   Below:  One of our goals was to check out cowboy bars.  This is "Sam's Lounge" in Glasgow, Montana (pop. 3253).


Top left: Fun at 9,000 feet. The pilot is the one wearing the shades.  Top right: following the Missouri River.

Below Left: North of Cody, Wyoming.   After leaving the Missouri river at Great Falls we flew over some rugged "foothills" of the Rockies as we headed back to Arkansas.   Below right: Crazy Horse (S.D.)